TWINU changes the way we see, apply and create impact from data.

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Empowering people over their data

Data, especially personal data, contain tremendous untapped value. TWINU empowers all users to directly benefit from their own data & analytics with unprecedented impact on new insights and use-cases.

Enabling businesses by opening-up data siloes

Most of today’s personal data remain hidden in huge siloes of only a few companies while most others stay excluded. TWINU enables all organizations to make use of personal data in a fair, secure, transparent and sustainable way.

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Moving from fear & avoidance to performance & value

Both, individuals and organizations have mixed feelings when it comes to usage of personal data, given the potential risk they hold. By fully embracing “privacy-by-design” principles, TWINU allows to not make further compromises but to stand out when it comes to data protection and transparency, turning awkwardness into tangible value.

Diverse and value(s)-driven team

Our team’s and our product’s success are built on the scrum values:


We are a passionate team of international data/computer scientists and security experts with many years of experience in academic, startup, corporate and consulting world.
We are growing! If you also want to untap the value of personal data and bring a strong expertise and experience in data analytics, full-stack-development and/or marketing or UI/UX, contact us!

Equality & Diversity
Climate Action
Data Ethic, Autonomy & Safety
Global Health & Wealth

We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.